Dear Brainless Fans,

Well today is the day. The fabled day of the kazoo joke. I know you were all looking forward to it. I sure as hell was. However, I'm at work, and generally they frown on me installing programs to draw comics at work. So no comic today.

Hey don't look at me like that! Stuff comes up! I had to get to work a whole hour early today. A whole hour! Do you know how much of a difference that makes? Exactly an hour, but stuff could have happened in that hour! Yes I could have woken up an hour earlier but I mean I set my alarm but it doesn't always wake me up and then I just go back to sleep anyway and then when I do get up I need to eat and then shower and get ready to go alright fine the comic will be here tomorrow!!!

Sorry. I didn't mean to shout. You frustrate me sometimes. You're right though it's totally my fault. I'd hug you to apologize but as you can see I'm not actually Harry, just a digital representation of him through text. So yeah comic tomorrow. See you then? Good


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