And that's all we wrote. Until Saturday. We'll have something Saturday.
I feel like there was something else I was going to post today...was it? no no that's not Oh well, if I think of it by Wednesday it'll be here with the new funny panel.
Why is that villain so well hidden by a shadow? Do Alec and I even know what our villain's theme is? Can I have some cake? Find out next week on the Mako!
Here's a midweek funny panel to get you through to Saturday's Mako.

Ned update

So I got a Milwaukee book store to order some of my kids  books (The Orangest Ninja. Check earlier posts and the links page if you haven't heard of it although you likely have as I talk about it ALOT). One down, a hundred million or so more to go.
#6 is that I always feel under dressed going in my sweatshirt.

tiny tiny update

Did just the smallest update to how the site looks, the comics are now archived in a manner that actually makes sense, and the schedule has changed. So check that as I know you all count the moments to the new comics here.

some begging

So I looked at the some stats for the website and I have found that we get a ton more views, if you like the blog post on facebook. I know you likely already knew that, knowing how the internet works, but maybe if I begged a little you might just click that like button. We here at Brainless Arts would just think you're the coolest if you did that. New Funny Panel on Wednesday.
Who is the guy in the shadows? What flavor is the damn cake? Do you prefer the hand drawn panels or these cleaner ones? Seriously. Let me know by commenting.

Other News

At least for now I'm adding a new midweek 'Funny Panel' (named as such since to be a comic it needs at least two panels), and Brainless Comics has been moved to Monday. Enjoy. See you Monday. Or sooner. Who knows? Nobody. Life is mysterious that way.
Was bored so, I thought I'd try a one panel comic. I suppose it's not technically a 'comic' being one panel and all. But then what am I supposed to call it? A funny-panel? That sounds ridiculous! Anyway here it is.

probably eventually

I was bored recently and was testing out a different art style on this character that I always have somewhere in the back of my mind. Anyway, actually finishing a project gave me some confidence in saying that this guy may actually get his story told. Eventually. It would involve a lot of work, and we all know how much I love to do that. For right now, it's just a cool picture of my favorite super-rescuer, Bugman.

and 'thank you's

To anyone that has bought a copy of "The Orangest Ninja"
I give a great big thanks. So far it has sold a total of nine copies, which, to be honest, is more than I expected. So thanks for the support. There will be another one about a seafaring individual of a different color out in a month or so. If you liked Ned's story, please tell your friends and their friends because they may also be your friends and I'm sure anyone you tell about that book will want to be your friend anyway, about the book.
Or just put your bag next to you. Either one.
For those of you wondering, yes he's been hanging there the last few weeks.
Will the Mako get eaten by sharks? What is his nemesis' cool super-villain name? What flavor is the cake? Find out in next week's Mako! New Brainless Comics tomorrow by the way.