Just a small new thing this Monday. This is some more concept art from Project: Exit Strategy. 
Wanna know who they are and why they matter? Well you'll have to wait. I'm a little over 30% done with the initial art for the project. Until then I'll likely be releasing at least a couple finished pages just to show off some of the final product. I promise it looks cool.

Follow HarryLB on twitter for more updates. See you next weekend with more comics, or maybe randomly this week if an idea comes to me.
I was in Milwaukee recently and this comic idea came to me.
It can be frustrating. Anyway, more comics next weekend and a new thing tomorrow!
Enjoy this weeks Mako!
We'll likely get back to the present next week.
My wallpaper currently.
Creepy yes?
This is an excerpt from a dream diary. It's given one person a nightmare so far, and I'm hoping it can do the same for you.
This is meant to be part of a dream diary that the characters from Project: Exit Strategy find. So that's still coming along slowly.
Look! A new Brainless Comics!
Tomorrow will I'll be putting up a creepy short story with a creepy sketch. So comeback for that and a free nightmare tomorrow night!
This week's Mako comic! Cool stuff.
Come back tomorrow for Brainless Comics hilarity and next week for more Mako!

Other stuff...

I added a new page to the website for links to other people who I know who do cool things. First addition is my buddy D.B. Rouse. He's a brilliant musician who's been nice enough to let me come play music at events he plays. Everyone always has a good time. Anyway to check out his stuff go to the links page or look him up on bandcamp. See you tomorrow.
In honor of where I'll be tomorrow at mid-knight....get it?
The first story from my made up town Secret Village is here. This first one was actually inspired by a popular Christmas song of all things. As soon as I figure out how, you'll be able to download all five pages as one thing to just have or spread about the interweb. Until then, you can view it here or in the writing section.
(click to make readable)
This is just the first of the poems from Secret Village until I release project Exit Strategy. The stories will get a bit darker from here on in. So yeah. There's that.
Come back next week for more nonsense!
And come back tomorrow for the release of this! Cool cover right? It's free. Free stuff is always nice to get.