Neat lighting in the first two panels right? I thought so. Also expect to see a similar ninja down the road in another comic. That's all I got. New Brainless Monday. That'll be fun.

- Harry L-B
More concept art for that video-game "The Lost Fairy" I'm trying to find time to work on. Creepy yes? Brainless Arts will be back Saturday with a new Mako.
In honor of where I'll be tomorrow at mid-knight....get it?
He's so cute, it'll drive you insane.
Someone spread this around the internet. Seems like something the internet needs.
Here's the first of Brainless Comics! Gonna do a new one on Sundays. It'll mostly be jokes and nonsense. So be sure to come back for that.
And this is the main character from the comic that will start tomorrow. That's a project I'm working on with my friend Alec Martinez, but more on that tomorrow.