This may make me unpopular, but I don't think Halloween is done right anymore. It's supposed to be a scary holiday. Instead I think what we get most of the time is scary or horror themed. That's fine for most I suppose, I get that, but I'm always on a quest to find something new that freaks me the hell out. Be that a new video game, movie, or creepy story, that's my goal. So today, I urge you to find something that will f*cking terrify you. Here are my usual suggestion. Video games: the Penumbra series and Amnesia are cheap on steam right now. Play those. If you don't want to pay a dime, google slender and play that. Takes likes ten minutes to drive you insane and it's brilliant. Movies: Just saw Sinister recently (see inspired comic in comics area), Cabin in the woods, 28 days later, the Strangers. Those are some of my favorites.

Or just go out into a dark place in the woods. (be sensible. don't blame me if you get caught and eaten by crazy people) Explore a supposedly haunted house. (watch out for hobos)
Check out this picture I made.
(if you'd be so kind as to undo his jacket, he'd be happy to give you a MURDER - I mean, hug)
At least take a little time from your booze at the party to tell an honest to goodness ghost story. One that, when you're done, people actually sit back and go "oooooh". The booze ain't going anywhere. 

So that's my bit. Happy Halloween from Brainless Arts.

A creepy man doesn't appear at the foot of your bed at night.
So it's been a while since our last post here on brainless arts. I'm aware we only missed one weekend but that's a while for us. We internet blog post voices lead short lives. Anyway, Alec and I missed were busy hiding from zombies this past weekend which is why there were no new comics. I say this because I'm sure our die hard brainless fans (I know you exist) were wondering where the hell we were. We managed to fight off the zombies and are perfectly safe.

Here's the state of things:

New comics will be here this Saturday and Sunday per yousg (not sure that's how that's spelled).
Haunted has run into an audio issue. How we make progress on that is being reevaluated.
The album is waiting on a condenser mic. If anyone wants to lend us one, leave a comment or send us a message.
We'll be posting a new video of Alec and I playing music, just as soon as his computer stops being an ass.

That's what I got. See you here for Mako and Brainless Comics this weekend.

Ha! Anyway there's gonna be a new thing tomorrow. That'll be neat.
The Mako was not trained by Liam Neeson. 
So this is real early and as you may have noticed there is no sound. And it's only like 15 seconds long. All of that will be dealt with. If you wanna see what this eventually turns into, follow this website and such. More comics next weekend. See yall then.
This comic brought to you by the movie Sinister. I recommend seeing it on a night you didn't plan on sleeping anyway. Good movie though.
So that was today's Mako. Tomorrow a new Brainless Comics!
What is that? That's Ed. And hopefully the start of something really cool. See you all back here next weekend. Be sure to follow and share updates!
Yeay! Thirteen comics! Not a significant number to big events or theme parks, but I like it. Tomorrow's new thing will be cryptic in a really easy way to figure out. So there's that to look forward to. 
Also it's more fun in a costume. Come back tomorrow for a new Brainless Comics!