Our first full page Mako will be here on Saturday, and you so won't want to miss it! Hype!
I'm always afraid the other people in the elevator are planning to eat me. Mako's back on Saturday!
I did today's comic yesterday so I could make a joke about the Oscars. Try to keep up. I also changed the header on the website! I like this one better.
The short answer is no. I mean, maybe. If there's nothing else on.
First an explanation. If you're not into the comic industry as much as Alec and I are you may think it's a dumb joke, I mean, it is, but there is some sense to it. We're heavily implying that a big huge event is going to happen in the Mako so that you'll come back for more comics. That we put here for free. . . we're dumb. I was going to say that "redemption" in today's post title is in reference to me saving my computer, but no. We're dumb. See you Monday for a new Brainless Comics.
I'm stupid and left my computer and drawing pad at the theater. So if I find the time, there will be a comic today. If not, it'll be a while cus I got stuff going on this week, which sadly, the comics need to take a back seat to. I don't like having to skip a weekend but at least this time it's not because I'm lazy. It's because I'm dumb. Not sure which is worse.
So I think I've finally come up with the end/continuing goal for this site and the "Brainless" name. I'm not going to tell you what it is yet as Alec and I are going to work on getting the first month's things put together before I start telling everyone what we're doing. So that's vague . . . but it's all you're getting for now. Expect an update w

Thoughts and regret 

To a degree, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to put on this website. Not sure I'm feeling the Funny Panels. I had this one idea for a graph but then was like, "well everybody does graphs" so that didn't happen. I dunno. Below's art on a new superhero I might start putting on the Wednesday slot when I grow tired of the Funny Panels. Leave comments. Let me know what you the people think. Alec and I will be back on Saturday with a new Mako.
Does the chief believe the Mako? Will Kevin ever be back? Would you mind tweeting about us? It's just a little button down there. Even a little bit helps if you have followers. Hopefully more people will see the next . . . the Mako!