While I've been working towards my next film thing Grace put together a short film set to the song "Lullaby" by someone named Erast. I had never heard of before but I like the song and what she did with it. She's cool with making it an official "Brainless Arts" film so here it is on the site!
Grace did all the work on this one, I'm just putting it somewhere for people to see. Hope you like it as much as I do.

- Harry L-B
Dear Brainless Fans,

Hi. It's me Harry. The guy you came to expect fun comics from for about a year. As you can see there have been no new comics and they stopped rather abruptly mid story. Consider that a really long "to be continued". I wanted to keep working on them, but to be honest there's other stuff I want to work on.

Now moving forward what I think this site will end up focusing on is going to be short films. Here's the first one.
Cool right? That was my very first one done with a real basic flip camera, starring the lovely Gracie Lee. More to follow.

- Harry L-B