Finally we meet the dark ninja, for whom I don't have a cool name for yet. And since Skull-Guy is a full day late, here's some bonus art of one of my favorite super heroes.
Also the new schedule breaks down like this. Gonna do two comics a week alternating titles.
Week 1: Saturday - Mako, Wednesday -Skull-Guy
Week 2: Saturday - Troll Wednesday - Brainless Comics

- Harry L-B
I only just last night found out Batman Beyond was on Netflix. It may have been there a lot longer, I don't know. So rather than draw next week's comics I drew this. Cus I gots my priorities in order. How awesome would a new Batman Beyond series be drawn in this art style? Right?! I'm not saying you should write a letter to DC right now suggesting I do that for them, but you certainly could.
- Harry L-B
Our first full page Mako will be here on Saturday, and you so won't want to miss it! Hype!

Thoughts and regret 

To a degree, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to put on this website. Not sure I'm feeling the Funny Panels. I had this one idea for a graph but then was like, "well everybody does graphs" so that didn't happen. I dunno. Below's art on a new superhero I might start putting on the Wednesday slot when I grow tired of the Funny Panels. Leave comments. Let me know what you the people think. Alec and I will be back on Saturday with a new Mako.

probably eventually

I was bored recently and was testing out a different art style on this character that I always have somewhere in the back of my mind. Anyway, actually finishing a project gave me some confidence in saying that this guy may actually get his story told. Eventually. It would involve a lot of work, and we all know how much I love to do that. For right now, it's just a cool picture of my favorite super-rescuer, Bugman.

and 'thank you's

To anyone that has bought a copy of "The Orangest Ninja"
I give a great big thanks. So far it has sold a total of nine copies, which, to be honest, is more than I expected. So thanks for the support. There will be another one about a seafaring individual of a different color out in a month or so. If you liked Ned's story, please tell your friends and their friends because they may also be your friends and I'm sure anyone you tell about that book will want to be your friend anyway, about the book.
Important Links
The following are very important links. There the links to buy a certain children's book written by a certain guy who runs a website. It's me. I did it. These will also be available on the "links" page, as they are links. Important ones.

Amazon Paper Back

Amazon KINDLE Version

Create Space Store

I've missed some comics. And I feel bad about that. I've just been so tired and had a lot to do. There's this guy at work who's all up in my business. You understand. I'll make it up to you.
There it is. That's the first page to a children's book I wrote. The official release is gonna be next Monday January 7th. So that will be Monday's new thing, even though you already know about it.
Feels good to actually finish a project. Now on to the next thing.
This little guy will be appearing in a self published children's book that I wrote soon. Updates as they happen.
Come back next week to see if Alec or I gets slapped. Tomorrow a new Brainless Comics!


Since I haven't beaten this to death enough, be sure to check out the music video "If nothing was money" on youtube or here on our site (as I didn't write it, it's under animation). I made the pictures. Also here's some new art.
(art therapy)


I did have to shave recently and therefore felt the need to alter my cartoon avatar, Hal, similarly. Also here's some more crazy stuff.