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The following are very important links. There the links to buy a certain children's book written by a certain guy who runs a website. It's me. I did it. These will also be available on the "links" page, as they are links. Important ones.

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I've missed some comics. And I feel bad about that. I've just been so tired and had a lot to do. There's this guy at work who's all up in my business. You understand. I'll make it up to you.
There it is. That's the first page to a children's book I wrote. The official release is gonna be next Monday January 7th. So that will be Monday's new thing, even though you already know about it.
Feels good to actually finish a project. Now on to the next thing.
And here it is! Another poem from the terrible town of Secret Village!
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So I've decided to start looking into how to publish these along with Project Exit Strategy. I'll let you know how that goes. Saturday more Brainless stuff starts again with a new Mako.
The first story from my made up town Secret Village is here. This first one was actually inspired by a popular Christmas song of all things. As soon as I figure out how, you'll be able to download all five pages as one thing to just have or spread about the interweb. Until then, you can view it here or in the writing section.
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This is just the first of the poems from Secret Village until I release project Exit Strategy. The stories will get a bit darker from here on in. So yeah. There's that.
This is a character named Angela. That info is irrelevant but now you know. Feel free to download this as a desktop image, or post it where ever so people know you have good taste in poetry.

it's all fun and games...

Wrote this haiku while I was at work. Love it there. As soon as I find a good service you'll be able to get this on a T-Shirt!