Seriously. How often do you really look at people's feet? They're all the way down there. Why do we care what's on them?
Brainless does not advocate the use of Wii U. Tomorrow is a new Brainless Comics!


Also here's some more art!
He just got them on netflix. Will the chief ruin the end of season four for him? Who knows. We don't. Tomorrow's a new Brainless Comic.
Come back for a new thing tomorrow!
Come back next week to see if Alec or I gets slapped. Tomorrow a new Brainless Comics!


Since I haven't beaten this to death enough, be sure to check out the music video "If nothing was money" on youtube or here on our site (as I didn't write it, it's under animation). I made the pictures. Also here's some new art.
(art therapy)
This is pretty cool. Thanks to D.B. for asking me to do this.

(please excuse typos)
If you care at all about politics (vote), at the end of today at best you'll feel relieved, at worst, sick to your stomach. Either way, after you vote, you're going to be thinking about it all day. Who wants that? Not you. It's nerve racking. So to help take your mind off it, here's a song about something people from both parties can hate. (Skip to 0:38 for the song. Unless you wanna hear us ramble, which I totally get. We're top notch ramblers.)


I did have to shave recently and therefore felt the need to alter my cartoon avatar, Hal, similarly. Also here's some more crazy stuff.
He's back! And he's dancing! New Brainless tomorrow.

Also today...

I'm in Pink Banana's production of Hothouse in Milwaukee. Go here for info on that You should see it. As for thing's related to the site, I've started doing some drawings vaguely inspired by the show. It takes place in an insane asylum.
(Manic Mary)