See he hides behind the panel 'cus he's in a comic. Get it? He's in a . . . I have to come up with a new one every week. A new idea every week! It's taxing.
Will the Mako ever figure out his car? Will his first criminal ever end up behind bars? Find out something else next time on, The Mako! Also new Brainless Comic tomorrow. Come back for that.
Today's Monday's new thing (on Tuesday) is a link to a pretty cool student film some of my friends put together and I was in. You should look at it at least until my picture comes up. Also the other actors are pretty good I guess. 

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It's only like twenty minutes. you got twenty minutes right? Sure you do. 
New comics Saturday!
Ha ha ha, what hilarious banter between friends and a sentient phone. Anyway, new thing tomorrow for new thing Monday.
Great movies, silly voice. New Brainless Comics tomorrow. Be sure to visit the internet for that.
More concept art for that video-game "The Lost Fairy" I'm trying to find time to work on. Creepy yes? Brainless Arts will be back Saturday with a new Mako.
So yeah. New character for brainless. He'll be back next week too. New thing tomorrow.
Will the Mako manage to scare the bank robber? Find out next week on the Mako! Tomorrow a new Brainless Comic.
This is concept art for a character I want to put in a short film.
Cool looking right? Right now I don't know if that will end up animated or filmed with an actual camera. Next step is finding movie people in Milwaukee. Anyway that's all for official posts this week. As usual might post something midweek if I get a cool idea. If not, see you back here Saturday for a new Mako.
In the fourth deleted panel, they become friends.
For a while these are gonna be in black and white and short three panel deals. I'm trying to put together enough samples to submit them to a syndicate. Yes that sounds evil but it's really just a type of company that distributes comic strips. To pay for their evil science.