Writing Stuff

First here's the cover art to the next short poem from Secret Village. It'll be a couple pages like Dale's Tail's Tale (which if you haven't read you totally should it's over in the writing section). It will be here on the website to read Monday next week. In the end I'll likely be releasing them all in paper form along with Project Exit Strategy.

Music Update

On the music page you'll now see that the old album I recorded a while back is now up for free! Excitement! This is because Alec and I are recording a better sounding one with more songs that will come out...sometime...hopefully in a couple months or something. More details on that as it progresses.

Shout out

A buddy of mine Matt Kemple runs a site called Milwaukee Comedy. It has loads of info on funny stuff like the Milwaukee Comedy Festival and local comedians. So if you live in Milwaukee and like funny things, check it out. Link on the link page.

Other thing

Quitting my time consuming job that I hate so I can work on the projects I talk about here on this website. It's a big deal for me so I'm letting you all know.

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