Thank you Emily for one of the easiest comics to draw ever. The Troll is going on a little journey for the next few weeks making a stop in each of these exotic locations. Excited? Yes. You are.

Other News: The Game's Done!
The Lost Fairy is done! Yeay. I was unable to work out the kinks and get it onto mobile devices so instead you can buy it here for google chrome. There will also be a link on the links page. I wanted to sell it for a buck but two was the minimum. It's a shortish arcade game with a bit of story, creepy atmosphere, and cameos of fairy versions of some characters you may recognize (ha-wink). For my first game, barely knowing what I was doing going in, I'm proud of it and learned a lot. That being said, my next game Connection Lost (working title (maybe)) is already in the works. That one will be coming out for mobile devices and computer. But that's a ways out.

See ya tomorrow for a new Brainless Comics!

- Harry L-B

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