Drawing crossed arms is harder than it should be and I'm still not totally happy with how it turned out. I like the rest of today's comic though. You should too.


Some people have already heard, but I'm working on a video game! Remember those images with the fairy in it ages ago? No? Well they're on the random art page. Anyway I found I program I like and most of the art and game system are finished. You can play a condensed version with the basic mechanics on the new game page. Cool right? Mostly. As I said it's not done, but it could be with help. I'm going to be launching a kickstarter in the near future to raise the money to finish/publish it. So another thing to let me know is what some cool rewards you'd like to see could be. I'll make an announcement when the kickstarter starts via facebook/twitter. That'll be cool.

To finish out the week here's our last art for 100 Week.


- Harry L-B

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