So in this comic it may appear my 2D self is a coward. Not so. See I've tried to kill many bugs in my life, and unless you vaporize them in the first shot, they always seem to keep going. So when you visit my apartment and feel the awkward need to ask what the grenades are for, now you know.

the Lost Fairy Update
So here's the deal. The Chrome store was having difficulty with my game and allowing downloads. So I've put it here on my website. Still for free, but there's a couple steps.

1. Download the correct version (windows/mac) from the links page.
2. Unzip the file.
3. In the unzipped file click The Lost Fairy application. (there will be a little compass icon)
4. Enjoy! . . . ?

See you all Wednesday for Skull-Guy.

- Harry L-B

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