I've taken a few hours off from working on Project: Exit Strategy to put together this website. It's gonna be a main hub for the various things that come out of my brain that I want people to see. To start things off, all of the web series Brainless is in the video section (all four episodes of it! for free!). I've made my music real easy to get to as well as put in an easy link to a music video about a place for dead bodies. And lastly I've put up some early concept design stuff for Project: Exit Strategy, my big hope-this-gets-me-out-of-my-crap-job plan. Anyway in a couple of days I'll put up a comic (gotta have a web comic. it's the internet) I'm gonna do weekly, another page for writing, and eventually a page for buying things with horrible stuff I've written and/or drawn on them.

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