many thanks

So I got an anonymous message written cryptically to my musician page. Attached to it was this picture. We have a fan! Who took the time to draw one of our characters!....A drawing that looks better than my stuff...Ok. Not getting all up in my head about that.

Thanks mysterious fan! Alec and I both love the art! Really a spectacular job!

(not sure where to put it on the site yet. feels weird to have a fan art page with one bit of fan art on it)

other brilliance

So a musician friend of ours (D.B. Rouse) asked us for a song to put on a music compilation CD. It turned out great. I'm actually listening to it right now. It's got a bunch of really cool musicians/bands on it including us (listed as Dylan has Stage Fright). So here's a link, and I'm gonna embed the CD on our music page.

link to awesome

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