Last night I lost the pen to my drawing tablet. It was pretty awful. But I got it back and finished today's comic! We now continue with the Mako's origin story.
Come back tomorrow for a new Brainless Comics (that's the thing I write), and come back next week for the continued adventures of the Mako!

Music Update

In other news, Alec and I played some music last night for like five people. They were nice though so it was still awesome. We've decided to start looking for someone playing a melodic instrument to finish off our sound and call ourselves a band. Once we've done that you'll probably see a new, more finished album in the music section. That's a ways away, but I think it's gonna sound real cool when we get to it. I'm excited about it anyway.

See you tomorrow!
He's so cute, it'll drive you insane.
Someone spread this around the internet. Seems like something the internet needs.
This is a character named Angela. That info is irrelevant but now you know. Feel free to download this as a desktop image, or post it where ever so people know you have good taste in poetry.
So my buddy Alec Martinez loves superhero comics. I like drawing things. So "The Mako" was born. It's going to be a weekly comic (starting next week Saturdays) with story arcs that go on for multiple weeks. So here it is, "The Mako 1"
Why's he at Diskovery Channel HQ? Who is that shadowy figure? What's his deal with shark week? Maybe we'll find out next week Saturday!
And here's image from an upcoming short story poem thing I'll be releasing. It'll be the first in a series of short illustrated poems that for right now I'm calling "Tales From Secret Village".
Here's the first of Brainless Comics! Gonna do a new one on Sundays. It'll mostly be jokes and nonsense. So be sure to come back for that.
And this is the main character from the comic that will start tomorrow. That's a project I'm working on with my friend Alec Martinez, but more on that tomorrow.

it's all fun and games...

Wrote this haiku while I was at work. Love it there. As soon as I find a good service you'll be able to get this on a T-Shirt!
I've taken a few hours off from working on Project: Exit Strategy to put together this website. It's gonna be a main hub for the various things that come out of my brain that I want people to see. To start things off, all of the web series Brainless is in the video section (all four episodes of it! for free!). I've made my music real easy to get to as well as put in an easy link to a music video about a place for dead bodies. And lastly I've put up some early concept design stuff for Project: Exit Strategy, my big hope-this-gets-me-out-of-my-crap-job plan. Anyway in a couple of days I'll put up a comic (gotta have a web comic. it's the internet) I'm gonna do weekly, another page for writing, and eventually a page for buying things with horrible stuff I've written and/or drawn on them.