I'm always afraid the other people in the elevator are planning to eat me. Mako's back on Saturday!

Thoughts and regret 

To a degree, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to put on this website. Not sure I'm feeling the Funny Panels. I had this one idea for a graph but then was like, "well everybody does graphs" so that didn't happen. I dunno. Below's art on a new superhero I might start putting on the Wednesday slot when I grow tired of the Funny Panels. Leave comments. Let me know what you the people think. Alec and I will be back on Saturday with a new Mako.




Apparently when I thought of this panel I was looking to creep people out. Cus...well just look at him. He's not funny. He's creepy. Yick. Just yick. Bad way to end this week. Alright come back next week, and I promise there will be less of...whatever this is. Yick.
Thanks for stopping by. We'll be back Saturday with a new Mako. Oh wait! I feel like there was something else I was going to tell you. Must have forgot. Oh well. Kinda awkward now. See you Saturday. I guess.
And that's all we wrote. Until Saturday. We'll have something Saturday.
Here's a midweek funny panel to get you through to Saturday's Mako.

Ned update

So I got a Milwaukee book store to order some of my kids  books (The Orangest Ninja. Check earlier posts and the links page if you haven't heard of it although you likely have as I talk about it ALOT). One down, a hundred million or so more to go.
Was bored so, I thought I'd try a one panel comic. I suppose it's not technically a 'comic' being one panel and all. But then what am I supposed to call it? A funny-panel? That sounds ridiculous! Anyway here it is.