Here's our new character folks. Hope you like him. Sure is colorful isn't he?
-Harry L-B
No new comic today (that's tomorrow). Just wanted to point out that our Comics page now has buttons to follow specific comics. Alec asked for it. Now it's there. I did not spend time at work adding all those buttons. How unprofessional that would be.
So brainless will be adopting the same format as the Mako from now on. We'll also be scrapping the Funny Panels. Instead, those kind of jokes will just be rolled into Brainless or maybe our new comic Skull-Guy on Wednesday. Oh yeah. There's gonna be a new character on Wednesday. His name is Skull-Guy. Check him out on the character page. He looks cool if nothing else. 

Right. See you then.
- Harry L-B
Wasn't that worth the wait! And it really is awful. Did you know that Dr. Octopus is Spider-man now? Anyway, big changes are abound around here. Make sure you don't miss Monday's Brainless. See you then!

Note: I spent the time to give each comic it's own separate page on the main "Comics" page, so we're set up like an actual web comic. I put a lot of work into it, so for the sake of validating my tedious efforts, please relive some of our old stuff or post it around. Thanks

-Harry L-B