He just got them on netflix. Will the chief ruin the end of season four for him? Who knows. We don't. Tomorrow's a new Brainless Comic.
Come back next week to see if Alec or I gets slapped. Tomorrow a new Brainless Comics!


Since I haven't beaten this to death enough, be sure to check out the music video "If nothing was money" on youtube or here on our site (as I didn't write it, it's under animation). I made the pictures. Also here's some new art.
(art therapy)
He's back! And he's dancing! New Brainless tomorrow.

Also today...

I'm in Pink Banana's production of Hothouse in Milwaukee. Go here for info on that http://pinkbananatheater.com/. You should see it. As for thing's related to the site, I've started doing some drawings vaguely inspired by the show. It takes place in an insane asylum.
(Manic Mary)
The Mako was not trained by Liam Neeson. 
So that was today's Mako. Tomorrow a new Brainless Comics!
Also it's more fun in a costume. Come back tomorrow for a new Brainless Comics!
Will the Mako ever figure out his car? Will his first criminal ever end up behind bars? Find out something else next time on, The Mako! Also new Brainless Comic tomorrow. Come back for that.
Great movies, silly voice. New Brainless Comics tomorrow. Be sure to visit the internet for that.
Will the Mako manage to scare the bank robber? Find out next week on the Mako! Tomorrow a new Brainless Comic.
So who pays for all the damage Batman causes? Anyway Brainless Arts is back! Comeback tomorrow for a new Brainless Comics.