Does the chief believe the Mako? Will Kevin ever be back? Would you mind tweeting about us? It's just a little button down there. Even a little bit helps if you have followers. Hopefully more people will see the next . . . the Mako!
See! We totally remembered the exploding cake! So now what? Does the Mako chase down Kevin, or take a nap? Who knows? You will! When you come back next week for . . . The Mako! (music plays in my head when I say that)
Was Kevin totally worth the set up? Does the cake help? Have the writers forgotten they suggested there may be a bomb in the cake? You probably won't find out but should still come back for next week's The Mako!
Why is that villain so well hidden by a shadow? Do Alec and I even know what our villain's theme is? Can I have some cake? Find out next week on the Mako!
Who is the guy in the shadows? What flavor is the damn cake? Do you prefer the hand drawn panels or these cleaner ones? Seriously. Let me know by commenting.

Other News

At least for now I'm adding a new midweek 'Funny Panel' (named as such since to be a comic it needs at least two panels), and Brainless Comics has been moved to Monday. Enjoy. See you Monday. Or sooner. Who knows? Nobody. Life is mysterious that way.
For those of you wondering, yes he's been hanging there the last few weeks.
Will the Mako get eaten by sharks? What is his nemesis' cool super-villain name? What flavor is the cake? Find out in next week's Mako! New Brainless Comics tomorrow by the way.
How will the Mako escape the cunning of the net? Not sure. He's not too bright. The Brainless tomorrow, I think.
Sidenote: Scared + Confused = Scaredfused. Look it up. Anyway, new Brainless Comics comic tomorrow. I'm sure it will be lovely.
Will the Mako come up with a cool name? Well considering the same writers came up with "The Mako", odds aren't looking too good.
Brainless does not advocate the use of Wii U. Tomorrow is a new Brainless Comics!